Godwin E. Enogieru

GEE Brief Bio

Pastor GEE as popularly known is a successful entrepreneur. The owner & CEO of the following companies: KROOZ, Inc; GeeFunding, Inc; Blacks Network, Inc; Inspirational Films, LLC; Kwik Refund Tax Service, Inc; and numerous IT businesses and websites which includes: ReliableWebHosting.Net; MixedMatch.Com; PrBuzzer.com; AdvertBuzz.Com; iCoiCo.Co; BingBees.Com; AngelHelper.Org; myChristianPartner.Com; GospelPreachers.Com and many more.

Godwin E. Enogieru can speak in any topic and he is presently available for speaking engagement; entrepreneurship event, business or Christian conference, non profit organization event and church revival program, crusade, or any special event.

Most topics and types he specialized listed as follow: Inspiration & Motivation; Teamwork; Innovation/Technology; Business startup and Leadership; Overcoming shackles and strategy; Empowerment; Business Branding; Networking; Love and Relationship.

As a motivational, inspirational speaker and preacher of the gospel he had the opportunity in visiting other countries: Hungary, France, Canada, Philippines, Brazil, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Ireland, Germany and United Kingdom; particularly reaching out in United States.

He is the published author of the best seller book: Overcome Your Shackles - Rethink and the script writer of the O.Y.S - featured film.

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